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BE/FEEl in thE mooD造句

Please leave me alone. I am not in the mood to talk to you now.

After years of unproductive trying, scientists eventually got tired of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.经过多年没有结果的努力,科学家最终放弃了寻找外星智能生物 (我上高二这句话是原创的)

例如: She was/felt very lucky and happy to have received/got so many people's great help. 得到了那么多人的巨大帮助,她感到非常幸运和幸福。

feel blue 和down in the dumps的区别: feel blue 感到忧伤. be down in the dumps 处于困境.

应该说的是这首歌. H.A.T.E.U. --Mariah Carey Once upon a time we swore not to say goodbye Something got a hold of us and we changed And then you sat alone in pride and I sat at home and cried How'd our fairy tale just end up thi...

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