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歌词“look up to the sky.Until I find Paradise”.出自歌曲《Adonis》歌曲:Adonis 歌手:Enzo Darren/Delaney Jane 填词:Various Artists 谱曲:Various Artists 歌词 Look up to the sky.And ask yourself 仰望天空,问问自己 Do you believe in

look up to尊敬,敬仰bai ,仰望 the girl was so short that she had to look up to her younger sister.小女孩du个子太矮,zhi只好仰着头看她的dao妹妹.in the old society,who would look up to us?在旧社会谁还会回看得起我们答?

look down to和look down on的区别主要是:look down at sb./sth.:低头看(某人/某物),look down on/upon:看不起,小看(某人).如: 1、She looked down at her toe and murmured something. 她低头看着自己的脚趾,小声嘟哝着. 2、You shouldn't look down on someone else because he is poor. 不要因为别人穷而看不起他.

look up to基本翻译尊敬网络释义look up to:尊敬 | 敬仰 | 仰望

up to you 翻译成中文是:由你决定,取决于你;随便你 例句及用法:1、It's just life and what happens during your time here is up to you. 它只是生活而已在你的一生中会发生什么取决于你.2、You have all the tools and resource you

look up to,意思是尊敬,敬仰,仰望,因此该句的意思为 尊敬自己的梦想. 谢谢,望采纳

look up to 英[luk p tu:] 美[lk p tu] 抬头看(某人或某物), 尊重[敬仰](某人); 企慕; 瞧得起; 仰慕; [例句]You're a popular girl, Grace, and a lot of the younger ones look up to you.你很受大家欢迎,格雷丝,很多比你小的女孩子都很崇拜你.

look up:仰望;查阅;尊敬;拜访 短语 look sth up 查找 ; 查字典 ; 查寻 look it up in 看它在 ; 翻看 ; 在中查找 symbolic look-up 符号查找 扩展资料1、More of our children should be able to look up at night and see that the Milky Way is not just

估计是Sissel Kyrkjebo 的 《Should it matter》歌词是这个,第一句是i look at you,后面也有 i see you(确切的说是i see you'r),你自己听听旋律是不是吧look at youPlease don't walk awayI see you're about toThere is just something I'd really like

up是小品词,look up 译为向上看的时候,可以是及物词组,也可以是不及物词组,所以look up可以单独用,也可以接宾语,例如:When he looked up, he saw the bird in the sky.当他向上看的时候,他看到了天空中的小鸟.She looked up at me

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