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Mr and Mrs Moore were invited to a Christmas party at a hotel one year. They (41) their car outside and went in. Mr Moore had never got drunk (醉) before, so he was (42) not to drink too much, (43) his friends asked him to drink more (44).During

Mr. and Mrs. Turner live outside a small town. They have a big farm and they are always busy working on it. Their son, Peter, studied at a middle school. The young man studied hard and did well in his lessons. It made them happy. Last month Peter

英文原文:mr mrs bund英式音标:[mst(r)] [msz] [bnd] 美式音标:[mstr] [msz] [bnd]

mr.称呼男性 mrs.称呼已婚女性 miss.称呼未婚女性 ms.称呼不知道对方是否结婚的女性



意思是: mr 先生 mrs 夫人,女士 都是用在姓氏之前 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

[图文] Mr. and Mrs. Clarke were going to America for their holidays. They had a dog called Billy. They liked him very much. But they couldn't take him to America with them. So they found a place to leave him while

我想应该用has ,因为主语是Mr and Mrs Hill,表示three children是Mr and Mrs Hill共同拥有的,如果填have,就会产生歧义:Mr有three children,而Mrs Hill也有three children,所以小妹认为应填has.(不好意思啊,我才上初二啊,理解的不透彻请不要怪我啊!)

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