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A Person I Will Never ForgetMary is the person I will never forget.She was once my classmate.She was a good person.Though she was sometimes unpleasing,she was helpful and warmhearted.She learnt well,but she was also hardworking.To our

we helped animalsAs we all know,animals are our friends,so,we should help them.Yestoday,we went to SPCA,we heiped offices to look after animals.Although we were tired,but we were very happy,because we heiped animals.How happy we are!虽然简短一点,但是希望你能采纳

With time goes by,I can't help missing my former classmates and teachers.and I will never forget the time we helped each other for the same goal.

should be listened

[图文] but he really helped me when I had problems at home." It seems we remember teachers more for who they are than what they teach. ( )1. A. stories ( )2. A. dressed ( )3. A. love ( )4. A. words ( )5. A. good ( )6.

有点错误.(我们常这么回答以why开头的问句,感觉不到有错误,对吧?) 英语中的because 是连词,它要连接一个从句,主句可以放在前面,也可以放在后面.而这句话正是缺少了主句.如果你在后面添上一个主句试试,在WORD打的时候下头的绿下划线肯定消失.

D advice的复数形式没有s 可以说 some advice 但没有some advices

I can success I can be a successful person by doing my best in differnt roles in my life. Being a student, I can be successful by showing respect to teachers and students as well as getting better grades. Greeting teachers and students is a way of

One thing I can't forget内容:I liked playing computer games,but my daddy was not happy because he thought it was not good for my study.Sometimes I felt I was not a free boy when my daddy was so strict with me,so I tried to talk to my daddy,and he

1.This year I went to Guangzhou to spend spring festival with my grandparents ,as well We are all very busy with all kinds of preparation for the festival .We children helped

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